Abraham Gulkhandanyan

05.05.1920 -23.11.1920

Abraham Gulkhandanyan (1875-1946) was born in Ejmiatsin. He graduated from the Gevorgyan Theological Seminary. He received higher education in Yaroslavl, being a lawyer by profession. In 1894, he joined the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun). In 1898, he left for Baku where his elder brother Andreas lived and worked. Gulkhandanyan was a chargés d'affaires. He actively participated in the national-social life of Baku. In 1918, he was elected as a chairman of the Armenian National Council of Baku. After the declaration of independence of Armenia (the end of 1918), he moved to Yerevan. Member of Parliament of the Republic. In Alexander Khatisyan's Government (August 1919) was the Minister of Internal Affairs and Justice, in Hamo Ohanjanyan's Government – the Minister of Justice and Finance (concurrently). In November 1920, he participated in the Armenian-Turkish negotiations in Alexandrapol being in the delegation led by Alexander Khatisyan. He was expelled from Armenia in December 1920. The political, social, and national activities continued abroad as well. Along with a number of articles and works, he wrote the "Heroic Battle of Baku" memoir. He died in Paris in 1946.