Arshak Atabekyan


Arshak Atabekyan (1885-1937) graduated from St. Petersburg University. In 1919-1920, he was a member of the Financial Committee of the North Caucasus, then - a member of the Revolutionary Committee. In 1922, he worked as the Head of the National Minorities Division of the Georgian Communist Party's Central Committee. From 1922 September to 1923 October - People's Commissar of Finance of the ASSR. In 1924-1925, Atabekyan worked as the prorector of the Transcaucasian Communist University. In 1926 and 1928-1930, he was the Chairman of the Tiflis division of the All-Union Utility Bank; in 1927 - Georgian People's Commissar for Trade. After 1930, he carried out scientific work. In 1937, he was shot dead.