Artavazd Buniatyan


Artavazd Buniatyan (1902-1956) served in the Red Army in 1920-1923, then until 1930 he worked in the Communist Party bodies. In 1930-1933, he studied at the Moscow Institute of Economic Research (postgraduate courses). In 1933-1937, he conducted party and economic activities. From December 1937 to April 1940, Buniatyan was the ASSR People’s Commissar of Finance, in 1940-1941 – the ASSR People’s Commissar of State Control. In 1941-1945, he served in the soviet army. He was the ASSR Minister of State Control in 1946-1953 and in 1955-1956, afterwards – the First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers in 1953-1955.