Gevorg Hanesoghlyan


Gevorg Hanesoghlyan (1891-1938) worked in different cities of Transcaucasia as a typesetter at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1921-1928, he worked in various positions in party and state bodies of Alexandropol (later Leninakan, now Gyumri). He was the chairman of the provincial councils of Gyumri (1926-1928) and Yerevan (1928-1930). In 1930-1931, he ruled the trans-building materials trust. From December 1931 to September 1933, he was the ASSR People's Commissar of Finance. In 1933-1934, Hanesoghlyan headed the Republican Trade Union Council. In 1934-1936, he worked as the secretary of the Yerevan Communist Party Committee, then the ASSR People's Commissar of Communal Economy. In 1936-1937, he was the Chairman of the ASSR Central Executive Committee. Hanesoghlyan was shot dead in 1938.