Miqayel Chalyan


Miqayel Chalyan (1898-1958) worked in various bodies of the extraordinary commissions of Azerbaijan and Armenia (Cheka) in 1920-1922. In 1923-1927, he was the Head of Department of the Executive Committee of the Autonomous Region of Nagorno-Karabakh and the Chairman of the Extraordinary Commission. From 1927 to 1929, he was a member of the Collegium of the Azerbaijani Finance People's Commissariat. In April 1929 – May 1930, Chalyan was the ASSR People’s Commissar of Finance and in 1930-1931 - the ASSR People’s Commissar of Agriculture. In 1931, he worked in Baku being the Deputy People’s Commissar of Agriculture of Azerbaijan and the Deputy Chairman of Baku Civil Council. He was the Head of Trade Department of Azerbaijani Communist Party’s Central Committee, the Chairman of the Presidency of Azerbaijani Trade Union Council. In 1937, he was arrested and later acquitted.