Vahan Yeremyan


Vahan Yeremyan (1895-1938) graduated from Nersisyan School of Tiflis. In 1919, he was the People's Commissar for Nationalities Affairs of the North Caucasian Republic, then - the People's Commissar for Internal Affairs. In 1921, he was the editor of "Communist" newspaper in Yerevan. In 1921-1925, Yeremyan held various positions in South Russia and the North Caucasus. In 1925-1928, he was the representative of the RSFSR State Committee on Trade in Constantinople. In 1921, he was the editor of "Soviet Armenia" newspaper. In 1929-1930 he was the Director of the Republic’s Collective Farming Center and the President of Village Cooperative Union. From August 1930 to November, Yeremyan was the ASSR People’s Commissar of Finance, then until May 1936 – People’s Commissar of Finance of Transfederation. In 1938, he was shot dead.