Vardan Aramyan

RА Minister of Finance 

(+37411) 800-002

Date and Place of Birth

December 4, 1975, Yerevan


1992-1997 State University of Economics of Yerevan, Diploma of Higher Education in Economics (Master Degree)

2004 - TUFTS University (USA), Fletcher School, Special Intensive Educational Program - Certificate of Graduate



Work Experience

1999-2002 Central Bank of Armenia, Monetary Policy Department, Division of Budgetary Relations, Specialist 

2002-2003 Central Bank of Armenia, Monetary Policy Department, Real Sector Analysis  and Modeling Division, Senior Specialist

2003-2008 Central Bank of Armenia, Monetary Policy Department, External Economic Relations Division, Head of Division- Deputy Head of Department

2008-2013 Deputy Minister of Finance of RA

2013-2016 First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Office of the President of RA

Since September 2016  Minister of Finance of RА

Training Courses

 1999 - “Tax Policy in Armenia”, Central Bank of Armenia, Yerevan

2000 - “Mathematical Statistics and Econometrics”, Central Bank of Armenia, Yerevan

2000 - “Macroeconomic Analyses and Policy”, IMF-JVI, Austria

2002 - “Monetary Policy”, Bundesbank, Yerevan

2002 - “Applied Economic Policy Course”, Joint Vienna Institute, Austria

2003 - “Practical Training regarding Transmission Mechanisms and Modeling under Inflation Targeting”, Czech National Bank, Prague

2005 - “New Challenges for Monetary and Financial Stability Policies of Central Banks” - International Monetary Fund (IMF), Washington

2006 - “Economic and Monetary Integration in Europe”, Joint Vienna Institute (JVI), Austria

2007 - “Capital Flows, Monetary Policy and Current Issues of International Finance”, the World Bank, Paris

2008 - “Monetary Policy, Exchange Rates and Capital Flows”, Study Center Gerzensee, Swiss National Bank, Switzerland

Special Awards

2011- Awarded by the Prime Minister with Gold Medal for Best Track Record in Responsibilities and Contribution to Economic Policy

2011- Awarded by the President with Anania Shirakatsi Medal for Vital Contribution to Economics

2015- Awarded by the President with Second Rank Medal for Dedicated Service to Motherland

Party Membership 

Republican Party of Armenia

Personal Data

Married, has two children