Yerevan will host the EBRD 2024 Annual Meeting and Business Forum


Yerevan will host the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) Annual Meeting and Business Forum from May 14 to 16, 2024.

This landmark event in Armenia's financial sector is anticipated to convene approximately 2,000 attendees, encompassing representatives from high-ranking official delegations of 74 countries, international organizations, and private sector entities.

The "Business Forum" will also be a part of the annual meeting, which will be entitled "Delivering Impact Together".

EBRD annual meetings offer a platform for high-level discussions on global financial and economic developments, address matters of common interest, facilitate bilateral meetings with delegates from international organizations and foreign countries, and engage in events focused on global challenges. Plenary sessions are conducted during these meetings, wherein the EBRD's recent activities and achievements from the past year are reviewed, and future objectives are delineated.

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The Main Directions of Discussions at the EBRD Annual Meeting

Each year, the EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum brings together senior officials of EBRD member countries, representatives of the financial world and business leaders to discuss and collaborate on solutions to global financial and economic issues.

This year, the EBRD will focus on three pivotal themes over the series – inclusion, digitalisation and the green transition – in alignment with its priorities.

Each of these themes encapsulates the essence of the EBRD’s mission and reflects the evolving landscape of modern business and development.

What is inclusion? Providing individuals with equal access to opportunities to succeed while making the best use of their skills and talents is key to the Bank’s approach to shaping growth and prosperity in the economies where it operates.

The focus on digitalisation encapsulates the myriad opportunities and challenges brought forth by rapid technological advancements.  The transformative power of the digital world in business, finance and society as a whole cannot be ignored.

Green Economy Transition is the Bank's new approach to helping the economies where the EBRD works to build green, low-carbon and resilient economies. The green transition means a shift towards an economy that is not based on fossil fuels and overconsumption of natural resources. A sustainable economy relies on low-carbon solutions that promote the circular economy and biodiversity.