From June 2023 The Ministry of Finance is analyzing the market of potential participants in the upcoming tender and holding meetings and discussions with GFMIS project/draft Terms of Reference of GFMIS (ToR) various stakeholders to ensure transparent, high-quality and fair conditions for the upcoming tender.

At the same time, the Ministry provides the opportunity to all interested parties to submit and receive answers to their questions regarding GFMIS project/draft ToR (e-mail:

The representatives of the Ministry of Finance have been contacted and communicated with the representatives of local and foreign IT companies (particularly, UATE, NcIE, Team Telecom Armenia, Revytech (ACBA Technologies), SAP, Oracle, FreeBalance, IT Alliance, Norbit LLC, Lanit JSC and others) and international companies (particularly, IMF, ADB, WB) regarding GFMIS project implementation, the draft ToR and possible conditions for organizing a tender.

Answers to questions sent to the email address are available in the corresponding section of the official website of the Ministry of Finance “DIGITAL AGENDA”, “Questions and answers”.

Updated: 10.01.2024