Since 2020, the RA Ministry of Finance has initiated the implementation process of the Government Financial Management Information System (GFMIS). The objective is to enhance efficiency, quality and transparency of public service delivery, as well as the improve the accountability of the PFM system through the digitization of the main PFM processes.

As part of the introduction of the GFMIS, the business processes of the GFMIS six modules were inventoried, listed and studied in 2022: These modules include Budgeting, Treasury, Public Sector Accounting, Public Procurement, Public Debt and Internal Audit. Based on this, the complete concept of the GFMIS was developed, business processes of the modules included in it, as well as new procedures for communication and information exchange between them.

From now on, the project of the technical task for the acquisition of the GFMIS implementation software was developed, based on the concept of the GFMIS.

The Ministry of Finance, adhering to the principle of ensuring the transparency of the planned reforms in the PFM system and the broad involvement of possible stakeholders, regularly publishes the documents characterizing the different stages of the GFMIS implementation, encouraging questions and participation in discussions.

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Draft ToR on Government Finance Management Information System implementation

Updated: 14.06.2023