Announcement on prequalification procedure for provision of consulting services in the framework of GFMIS introduction

The current text of the announcement is confirmed by Decision N 1 dated 5-th of March 2020 of the two-stage tender estimating committee and is published according to the Article 24 of the RA Law “On Procurement”.

The procedure code is  ՀՀ ՖՆ-ԵՄԾՁԲ-20/1



1. The client, the Ministry of Finance of the RA, located in 1, Melik-Adamyan street, Yerevan, announces prequalification procedure for the purpose of holding a two-stage tender to acquire consulting services. The consulting services consist of one lot:

Number of lot

Lot Name


Provision of consulting services in the framework of GFMIS introduction

Preliminary version of the technical task is available at the following link:




2.According to the Article 7 of the RA Law “On Procurement”, any person or entity, irrespective of being a foreigner, a foreign entity or a stateless person, has the equal right to participate in the prequalification procedure.

3. The participant wishing to participate in prequalification procedure must satisfy the compliance with qualification criterion “Conformity of professional activities with the activities envisaged by the contract” as defined in Article 6, paragraph 3, point 1 of the RA Law “0n Procurement”. At the same time, the provision of services for elaboration of functional and technical description services required for a multipurpose information-driven program in public finance management is considered similar.

The Participant is considered to satisfy the qualification criteria envisaged by this subarticle if the requested information is submitted.

4. Participants can participate in the prequalification procedure in joint operation activity (consortium).

In that case:

1) the prequalification bid also includes a contract of joint activity,

2) When evaluating the prequalification bid, the common qualification of all members of the joint activity contract, shall be taken into account (the qualification of each member of the contract of joint activity shall correspond with the qualification requirements set forth in this invitation by that member),

3) the participants shal bear joint and coherent liability,

4) The party (ies) of the joint activity contract cannot submit separate bid (s) to the same procedure,

5) If the consortium member leaves the consortium, the contract between the consortium and the client is concluded unilaterally and the consortium members shall be liable for the sanctions envisaged by the contract.



5. The Participant has the right to request from the Committee, at least one calendar day before the deadline of submission of the prequalification announcement, to clarify the prequalification announcement. At the same time clarification may be required before 17:00 (Yerevan time) of the day mentioned in this clause. The Committee shall provide the clarification to the participant who made the request the next working day of the date of receiving the request, but not later than at least 3 hours before the deadline for submission of the prequalification bids.

The participant shall submit the request referred to in this clause by sending an email to the Secretary of the Committee.

The request clarification is sent from the email address of the Secretary of the Committee defined by this invitation to an e-mail address of the participant from which the inquiry is received:

6. The announcement on the content of the inquiry and clarification shall be published in the bulletin on the day the clarification is provided without indicating the data of the participant.

7. An explanation shall not be provided if the request has been made in breach of the time limit set out in this section, as well as if the request is beyond the scope of this announcement. In addition, the participant shall be notified in writing of the reasons of not being provided with the clarification within one calendar day following the day the request was received.

8. Changes to this announcement may be made at least two calendar days before the deadline for submission of bids. On the first working day following the date of making change, the secretary of the Commitee publishes the announcement of the change in the bulletin.

9. In case of changes in the prequalification announcement, the deadline for submitting prequalification bids shall be calculated from the date of publication of the announcement of modification in the bulletin. 




10. In order to participate in this procedure, the participant shall submit a bid to the committee.

11. The participant may submit the prequalification bid to the commission by:

1) electronic form by sending the secretary of the Committee to the e-mail stipulated by this announcement.

2) in paper form in a sealed, glued envelope. The following is mentioned on the envelope in the language of making prequalification bid.  

a. The name of the client and the place (address) for the bid submission.

b. Procedure code.

c. the words "Don’t open until the application opening".

d. name, location and telephone number of the participant.

12. Procedure bids must be submitted to the Commission no later than 17:00 on the 40th day following the date of publication of this notice in the Bulletin.

Prequalification applications in paper form must be submitted to the Commission before the deadline prescribed in this paragraph by  the following address: RA Ministry of Finance, 1, Melik-Adamyan street,

13. After receiving prequalification bids in paper form they are being recorded in the register by the secretary of the Commmittee.

The applications are registered by the secretary in the register, in the sequence of their receipt, by specifying the registration number, date and time in the registry. By the request of the participant, a reference shall be given. Bids submitted after the submission deadline are not being registered in the registry and are returned by the secretary within two working days.

14. The Participant shall submit the following with the prequalification bid:

1) a written application for participating in the prequalification procedure approved by him in accordance with Appendix N 1,

2) an announcement confirming its compliance with the qualification criteria requirements set forth in this annoouncement, in accordance with Appendix 2,

3) a copy of the joint activity contract if the participants participate in this procedure in a joint activity (consortium).

15. If the Participant submits a prequalification bid:

1) In paper form, all documents included in the bid, besides the document provided for in subcause 3, clause 14 of this announcement, shall be presented in the original and three copies. The words "original" and "copy" are written on the package of documents. Instead of the original documents, copies of their notarized copies can be submitted.

2) in electronic form, scanned versions of original documents are submitted.

16. Prequalification bids, besides Armenian, can also be submitted in English or Russian.

17. The envelope and the documents drawn up by the participant provided by this announcement shall be signed by the person who submitted it or his/her authorized representative (hereinafter “the Agent”). If an agent submits a prequalification bid, the application shall be accompanied by a document on his/her competence. In case of expediency the participant can submit the required information in other ways other than those proposed by this announcement, maintaining required requirements.




18. Opening, evaluation and summarizing the results of prequalification bids are held at the opening session of prequalification bids on the 40th day following the day this announcement is published in the bulletin (on 14-th of April of 2020) at 17:00, in 1, Melik-Adamyan street, Yerevan.

Bid evaluation is carried out within three business days after the deadline for submission of bids.

19. At the session of opening and evaluation of prequalification bid:

1) the secretary of the committee shall provide information on the records in the register and transfer to the chairman of the committee the register of the bids, other documents that are an integral part of it, the registered and(or) electronically submitted bids.

2) After transferring the documents, referred to subclause 1 of this clause, to the chairman (chairman of the session), the Committee evaluates:

a. Compliance with the established order regarding forming of envelopes containing bids, and opens the corresponding evaluated bids.

b. The existence of the required (prescribed) documents in each envelope, and the compliance of the documents, as well as the documents submitted electronically, with the preconditions set forth in this announcement.

20. Bids that meet the conditions set out in this announcement are considered satisfactory. Otherwise, prequalification applications will be assessed as inadequate and rejected.

In case of non-compliance with the requirements of this announcement, during the prequalification bid opening of the session the Committee shall delay the session for one working day and the secretary of the committee informs the participant on the same day electronically, proposing to correct the non-compliance before the end of the suspension of the session. In addition, as mentioned in this clause:

1) The recorded inconsistencies are described mandatory and detailed in recommendation.

2) The suggestion is sent to the participant’s e-mail indicated in the bid by the e-mail address of the secretary mentioned in this announcement.  

21. If the participant corrects the recorded inconsistencies within the period specified in clause 20 of this announcement, his/her bid shall be assessed as as inadequate and rejected. The Participant submits the corrected documents to the e-mail address specified in the bid by submitting to the e-mail address provided by this invitation.

22. A member of the Committee or a secretary cannot participate in the Committee's activities if during the opening of the prequalification bid session it turns out that the organization having been founded by them or having their share (share) or their related relative or parent (parent, spouse, child, brother, sister, as well as the parent, child, brother or sister of the spouse) or an organization having been founded or owned by that person (share) has submitted a bid for participation in the given procedure. If condition provided by this clause exists, immediately after the opening of the prequalification bid, a committee member or secretary who has a conflict of interest with regard to this procedure shall recuse himself/herself from the procedure.

23. Minutes on the opening, evaluation and summary of the results are drawn up, and the list of prequalified participants is confirmed. The Secretary of the Committee on following working day of the end of the bid session does the following:

1) publishes the scanned versions of the original of the committee's statements on the absence of a conflict of interest signed by him/her or the members of the opening of the bids in the bulletin.

2) notifies the bidders that have not been evaluated in accordance with the conditions set out in this announcement about the grounds for rejecting the prequalification bids.

24. Prequalified bidders are eligible to participate in the two-stage bidding process for consulting services, which together with the protocol drawn up by the evaluating committee on summarizing the outcomes of the prequalification procedure, the invitation of 1st stage is also electronically provided.

You can contact the secretary of the committee Miss Ani Aghababyan for more information on this announcement.                                                       

Telephone: (+374) 11 800114


Client: RA Ministry of Finance

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