Budget Process Coordination Department

Contact Information:
Tel.: (+37411) 800-252

Acting Head of Budget Process Coordination Department

Ruzanna Gabrielyan


Phone: (+37411) 800-252



The Department has the following main function:

To ensure the full and effective implementation of the powers ascribed to the Ministry by the RA legislation, regarding the preparation of budgets within the jurisdiction of the budget process, particularly.

1)Organization and coordination of work on programming of the medium-term state expenditures of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the development of the project of the state budget of the Republic of Armenia for coming year, implementation of the work within the jurisdiction of the Department;

 2)organization, coordination and implementation of works ensuring the execution of the state budget of the RA within the powers assigned to the Department;

3)development and improvement of the legislation which is regulating the issues of organization and coordination of the budget process;

4) ensuring the development and management policies of the budget process, state and community belongings (public assets, except property);

5)the study of market prices for the purpose of drawing up budgets and the publication of indicative costs.